Questions about holiday

 Questions about Holidays

When is the holiday celebrated?

Is it celebrated as a family or a group?

Has your family always celebrated this holiday? If not, when did you start celebrating it?

When does the celebration for this holiday generally start?

Is it a religious holiday?

Which religion celebrates it?

Are there specific prayers or blessings that go with the holiday?

Are there special foods connected with the holiday?

Have you eaten any of these foods?

Do you or did you like the foods?

Is gift giving a part of this holiday?

Are there specific types of gifts to be given?

Is it strictly an Iranian holiday?

Are the banks, post offices or schools closed for this holiday?

Is there  a person or God connected with the holiday?Who are they and do you believe in them?

Do you enjoy the holiday?

Do you decorate the outside of your house for the holiday?

How is the house decorated?

Is the inside decorated? How?

Are there special songs associated with the holiday?

Do you know the songs?Can you sing some of them?

Do schools, mosques or churches have special programs for this holiday?

Are there parties? Are these for adults, children or both?

Do you see your relatives during this holiday? Who did you visit? Do you visit them every year on this holiday?

How many different nationalities or ethnic groups do you see celebrating this holiday?

What do you usually do for this holiday?

Are cards sent or given for this holiday? Did you send any cards last year? How many cards did you send?Who did you send cards to?

What traditional colors are associated with this holiday?

Do you do something different during this holiday?

Have you ever entered a competition to win a holiday?

Compare the experience of being a tourist with being an international student.

Would you take a job where you had to travel at least once a month?

In your opinion, what are the five most essential items to pack on any holiday?

Is a 'working holiday' really a holiday?

Who do you know that really needs a holiday, and why? Where should they go and what should they do?

What holidays have disappeared in your country?

What is your parent's favorite holiday?

What new holiday are needed in your country?

What holiday should be abolished?

Do you think holidays are important? Why?

What games do you play during your holidays?

How many holidays do you have in your country?

What special foods are associated with your favorite holiday?

What special clothing/customs are associated with your favorite holiday?

What is your favorite holiday memory? 

Who is your favorite holiday character (e.g. Santa Claus)? Why?

What are three holidays that you like to spend with your family?

What is your worst holiday memory? 

If you had a long holiday, what would you do with it?

Do you like to stay up late on holidays?

Who do you usually spend the holidays with?

If a holiday falls on a Sunday, should you get another day off?

What is best present you ever received?

What is your favorite holiday food?

What is your favorite holiday song?

Do you celebrate holidays differently now than you did when you were a child?

What is your favorite holiday festival in your country?

Do you light off fireworks on New Years Eve in your country?

What holiday is the most dangerous in your country?

What holiday is the most exciting in your country?

What do you think of Father's Day? Mother's Day? Parent's Day?

What are 3 holidays that you like to spend with your family?

If you had a long holiday, what will you do with it?Do you like to stay up late on holidays?

Is there any holiday that has a special meaning for you?


■ go on holiday
 The children were excited about going on holiday.
■ have/take a holiday
 Teachers cannot take holidays during term time.
■ book a holiday
 I booked the holiday online.


■ a skiing/camping/walking etc holiday
 They went on a camping holiday in France.
■ a package holiday (=a holiday in which you pay a price that includes travel, room, and food)
 The company organizes package holidays to Spain and Greece.
■ a summer holiday
 They were going to a house on the coast for their summer holidays.
■ a winter holiday
 Why not try a winter holiday for a change?
■ a family holiday
 I first visited Orkney on a family holiday when I was a boy.
■ an annual holiday (=a holiday you take every year)
 We were getting ready for our annual holiday in Cornwall.
■ your dream holiday (=the best holiday you can imagine)
 They won a dream holiday for two to the Caribbean.

holiday + NOUN

■ a holiday resort (=a place with many hotels where a lot of people go on holiday)
 a holiday resort in Spain
■ a holiday destination (=a town or country where a lot of people go on holiday)
 Marmaris is one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations.
■ a holiday brochure (=a magazine that shows what holidays you can take)
 We were looking through holiday brochures thinking about the summer.
■ holiday photos (also holiday snaps informal) (=photographs that you take when you are on holiday)
 Do you want to see our holiday snaps?
■ a holiday romance (=a brief romantic relationship with someone you meet on holiday)
 It was just a holiday romance; I never saw him again.
■ a holiday abroad (=a holiday in a country other than the one you live in)
 They were planning a holiday abroad that year.