Conversation questions about hotel


Which do you prefer to stay in when you travel:  hotels, hostels, or another type of place? Why?

What are the best and worst things about staying in hotels?

Have you ever been to a really disgusting hotel? Did you stay or leave?

Couch surfing is staying for free at people’s homes in different countries. Is this a good idea or bad idea? Why?

Do you feel comfortable when you are staying at a hotel?

Do you have any interesting stories about staying somewhere other than your house, like a hotel or hostel?

Are hotels common in your country? If not, where do people stay when they travel?

What is the nicest hotel you have stayed at?

What would it be like to work in a hotel as a cleaning person or front desk staff?

How often do you stay in a hotel?

Do you like staying at hotels? Why/why not?

How often do you stay at hotels?

Do you normally stay at hotels for work/for vacation?

What's the longest you've ever stayed at the same hotel? Why were you there for so few/many nights?

Have you ever been to a hotel for any of the following reasons:

Weddings, receptions, etc.?Conferences, etc.?For lunch/dinner?Delayed or cancelled flight (paid by the airline)?

Have you ever worked at a hotel? Can you think of any advantages or disadvantages of working at a hotel?

Some people like to travel with their own pillows? Do you? Do you know anyone who does? What is the advantage of having your own pillow?

Types of hotel

Are there many hotels in your country/where you live? What sorts of areas have the most hotels?

Are there any historic or luxurious ones? Why is it so special?

Have you ever stayed at a hotel near your home/in the same city/place you live? Why/why not?

Have you stayed at many hotels?

In cities?In the country/in the mountains/in the jungle?At the beach/on the coast? On a tropical island?

Choosing a hotel

What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at a B&B, a hotel or a motel?

What's the best/worst hotel you've ever stayed at?

What was good/bad about it?

Was it cheap? Good value for money? Expensive?

Have you ever stayed at a luxury hotel?

What was luxurious about it?

Have you ever stayed at a really grottyBrE (unpleasant, dirty) hotel?

Have you ever stayed at a really exotic hotel, such as a castle or an ice hotel?

Have you ever booked/stayed in a suite?

How far in advance do you like to plan your holidays?

If you use internet to plan your holidays, do you book your hotel before or after you book your flight?

What do you look for when choosing a hotel (choose the three most important)?

Do you always try to look for hotels belonging to the same chain? If so, why?

Which of the following do you take most into consideration when deciding if you like the hotel you've stayed at (choose three)?

Views from the hotel in general (surroundings, restaurant, cafeteria, etc.)

Hotel food

When you stay at a hotel, do you usually choose full board and lodging, half board or just breakfast? Why?

What's your opinion on buffet-style breakfasts and lunches? In your experience, are they good quality for money? Do you think people eat more than they "should", i.e. for their health, when they eat at buffets?

Do you usually eat out when you're on holiday or do you try to get back to the hotel in time for meals?

Have you ever used room service? For a champagne breakfast or for a sandwich in the middle of the night?

Problems with the hotel 
In some countries/hotels it's necessary to specify that you want a room with a private bathroom (en suite bathroom). Have you ever stayed at a hotel where you have to use a shared bathroom down the corridor? Did you know about it in advance, or was it a surprise?

Have you ever had to lodge a complaint at a hotel?

About your room?About anything else?

Have you ever had anything stolen at a hotel?

Have you ever left anything behind and had to get the hotel to send it on to you?

Many hotels now have keycards instead of keys to the room. What are the advantages/disadvantages? Have you ever lost a key/keycard and had to ask for a replacement?

Many keycards also connect the lights inside the room. Have you ever had to phone reception to ask why the lights don't turn on, and been told, politely, that it's because you haven't inserted the keycard in the slot?

What irritates you most about a hotel (in order of bad to worst)?

Have you ever got lost looking for a hotel or missed a flight and turned up really late at night?