Describe the best gift you have ever received

🎙 Sample Answer

🎁 Well, I have received many gifts in my life but one specific one that I would like to talk about is a watch that I got from my husband on my birthday. 

The story goes back to a day that we were walking in a mall and I saw this beautiful watch with a white strap and a white face in the window and I showed it to him and I asked his opinion on it, but he really didn't like it that much. A few months later it was my birthday and I came home and realised that there was a box,  a wrapped gift box on the table. When I opened it, to my very surprise, I realised it was the watch that I had seen a couple of months prior to that in the mall. He had decided to surprise me with that watch for my birthday. 

As I said, the watch has a white strap and it’s kind of golden, with golden digits on it. I really really like it because, first of all, it looks good on my wrist, because of the colour I can match it with whatever I wear and since it’s a watch, every time I look at it during the day which is […] I have to say it’s quite a number of times it reminds me of that moment when I opened the gift box and to me it’s like a constant reminder of my husband’s love for me and makes me want to make it up to him in anyway that is possible. So, that's the gift that I would consider one of the most memorable ones.