Idioms for IELTS

Idioms for IELTS

This is an indispensable reference and trusted guide for IELTS students, who may want to maximize their fluency and accuracy band score in the IELTS speaking test. Let’s take some examples of the Idioms.

At all costs = at any costs: to do everything you can to achieve something regardless of the difficult); and expense involved.
His dream is to become a great lawyer at all costs.
They were determined to win the game at any cost.

As easy as pie: very easy.
The test is as easy as pie.
Searching for beautiful flower images online is as easy as pie nowadays.
After so many years as an English teacher, doing taxes is as easy as pie for me.

A drop in the ocean: a very small amount compared to what is required or needed.
The amount of money that he gave me last night is just a drop in the ocean compared to what I needed.
I feel what I am doing is just a drop in the ocean.

Actions speak louder than words: used for expressing that what you do something is more important than just talking about it.
He usually talks about the importance of charity but never does anything. Actions speak louder than words.
Because actions speak louder than words, do not talk much, just act.

A hot potato: a controversial topic, issue or situation.
Money policy is fast becoming a hot potato.
The issues of abortion and tax have become real hot potatoes in my country these days.

Against the clock: to do something quickly to finish it before a particular time.
She is working against the clock to finish her essay by today.
We have to work against the clock to meet the deadline (to finish the project on time).

A rip-off: something that is unreasonably expensive.
We shouldn’t have spent so much. that’s a rip-off.
$60 for a cup of coffee is a complete rip-off.

At first: in the beginning.
Don’t judge anyone or anything at first sight.
Try again if you fail at first sight.

Around the corner: coming very soon.
Tom is quite nervous because his exam is just around the corner.
Spring is just around the corner.

A mile a minute: very quickly.
He walks a mile a minute and is very difficult to keep up with.
She is talking a mile a minute.

A man of his word: someone who does what he promises to do.
He is obviously a man of his word. You can trust him.
Tom is a man of his word. He always does what he says he is going to.

A ladies man: a man that loves spending time and flirting with women.
He is known as a ladies man.
Tom has the reputation for being quite a ladies man.

Ace a test: to do very well in a lest/ to get a very high score on a test.
You need to study hard to ace a test.
She had actually aced a test in math, a subject that had never come easily for her.

A bad egg: someone who is bad and untrustworthy.
That guy is a bad egg.
Don’t trust him.
Be careful of her. She is a bad egg.