Oldest Animation of the world Found in Burnt City

اولین انیمیشن دنیا را دیده‏ اید؟🤔
این بز زیبا، 5000 سال پیش در "شهر سوخته‏" به حرکت درآمد تا عنوان نخستین انیمیشن دنیا را به خود اختصاص دهد.
بسیاری از باستان‌شناسان تصویر روی این جام سفالین را «اولين تصاوير متحرک، انيميشن» در دنیا می‌دانند. تصویر روی این جام، بزی را در حال حركت و پرش به سمت درخت برای خوردن برگ نشان می‌دهد. ظرافت حرکات بز برای پریدن به سمت درخت باعث حیرت باستان‌شناسان است.

Animation of drawing on a pottery vessel found in Shahr-e Sookhteh, now it's in the National Museum of Iran.
Oldest Animation of the World Found In Burnt City 
During their excavations in Burnt City in 1983, Italian archaeologists found a 5000-year-old goblet in a grave with the design of a wild goat and a tree. Further studies by archaeologists on this goblet revealed that there is a unique characteristic about this discovered goblet. What has made this one distinguished compared to the other ones unearthed so far is that the painting on this goblet has been repeated in a meaningful manner which shows the movements of a wild goat towards a bush during different positions. The artist who created this design used the goblet as his canvass to show the movements of the wild goEit toward; the tree for feeding itself in 5 movements.