Movies are important entertainment methods.

You can watch them at home or in cinemas.

Movies have different genres like drama, action, or science fiction.

Movies can affect people's lives.

Children should not watch every film.

Movies have the ability to teach new concepts.

Some films can have negative effect on children's imagination.

Films teach new things such as a new culture, a new life style, or a new attitude.

Films are useful to enjoy your free time, but they can be destructive if they are wrongly selected.

Movies are reflection of real-life situations.

Cinemas attract many audiences worldwide.

Actors and actresses play roles in movies.

Movies with good screenplays intrigue the movie goers.

Celebrities increase the chance of sales.

I prefer reading books to watching movies.

I am not that big on thrillers, I am into sitcoms.

Watching movies is a way of getting to know other alien cultures.

Some people have movie collections.

Movies that address social life and daily matters are more attention-grabbing in comparison to anti-social ones.

You can reserve your tickets online.

Documentaries improve one’s general information.

My friends rent DVDs and watch them on tubes at home.