Skim and scan

Skimming & Scanning

Skimming is to read a text rapidly to get a general overview of the material (i.e) to know the main theme or idea behind the passage. Scanning is to read a text rapidly to find specific information such as figures, names, etc.

Moving on to the next section, here are the steps to help you get the high band you’re aiming for in reading:

  1. Skim the passage – Skim the passage to know what the general idea behind the passage is.
  2. Read the question and identify the type of question – Each question falls under a question type (this is elaborated further down the page). Read the question and identify which question type it belongs to.
  3.  Remember the technique behind the question type – Each question type follows a strategy which helps us find the answers easily ( also explained further down). Recall the technique and find the answer according to it.
  4. Find the keyword – Each question would have a keyword that can be found somewhere in the passage. Discover this keyword and locate the keyword in the passage.
  5. Read around the keyword – Once you’ve located the keyword, read around the keyword (i.e) read a few sentences before and after the keyword to find the answer.
  6. Learn to guess the meaning – Know how to guess the meaning from the context given in the passage. 
  7. Write the answer – Find the answer and write it down. Move on to the next question quickly, as we don’t have much time.